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Yura the Great
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Vital statistics
Title Yura the Great
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Voice Actor(s) Koji Yada
Status Deceased (End of series)

Yura the Great is the shadow ruler of the Dinosaur Empire in the Getter Robo anime, a figure so powerful even Gore cannot stand up to him entirely.


Yura stands at a tall and intimidating height with a headdress that sports two large horns coming out from the side, a pair of red lenses that look like eyes, and a purple main sported at the top and going down. His skin is a dark orange with his eyes sporting yellow scelera but the black irises are only seen part of the time. He wears a long cloak over dark colored armor that cover his torso. His arms also sport gray armbands with diamond shaped decorations.


Yura controls the Dinosaur Empire through intimidation, fear, and through Emperor Gore who he secretly communicates with. He is impatient and dislikes the failures that have constantly happened. This however builds tension with him, Gore, and his tenants who wish to be free of his influence. When times are at their worst, Yura is willing to come out into the fray to fight on his own.


As the secret ruler of the Empire, Yura has indirect access to all resources and personnel with Emperor Gore acting as the medium. He commands the Invincible Battleship Dai when situations get dire.



  • Strangely, Yura bears a resemblance to Emperor Burai, the antagonist of the sequel series including the horns they possess on their heads.