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Get ready to suffer and die! Not even your father, Ryoma Nagare, could defeat this legendary beast, the almighty Uzala! Now meet your demise along with the last remnant of Atlantis, Getter Arc!

Carter McDonald

This incarnation of Uzahra (ウザーラ Uzāra) appears in the Getter Robo Arc Anime.

Appearance and Abilities[]


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At one point, the Uzhara was found, taken, and modified by the Andromeda Country, and it appears as part of the confrontation between Takuma Nagare and Carter McDonald. Piloted by the latter and other few survivors of Hyakki Empire, it initially overpowers Arc and even destroys a number of future Getters. Getter Arc's own weapons prove absolutely ineffective against Uzahra, until Takuma and Baku find a way to amplify its power through burning emotions and unyielding will. Then, Arc performs the Arc Shine Bomber, ramming through Uzahra's main body and destroying it for good.


  • The official English subtitles wrote its name as "Uzala".
  • It was not explained on how the Andromeda Country was able to capture and took control of the machine.


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