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JoeStronger JoeStronger 20 August 2015

Requesting to become an Admin

Hey there, I'm JoeStronger.


I'm a huge fan of super robots, but Getter Robo is most definitely my favorite. The style and tone of Ken Ishikawa's works really hooked me in, and I've gained an eternal respect for him and his creations. So I've made it a personal goal to help edit this wiki, even if I'm a bit sporadic in my contributions.

There is one thing that's bothered me for a while though. Don't get me wrong, this wiki is coming together quite nicely, but my biggest problem is the theme. Compared to something like the Mazinger wiki, the Getter Wiki isn't very eye-catching. The background makes it distracting to read the text on articles, and we don't even have our own custom logo for the upper left corner! Although the content and editin…

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