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Master Goken is an original character created by GokaiWhite for his planned crossover fan game called Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising[1] . He is also to appear as the protagonist of a manga prequel called "Chapter of Goken".

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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
Age Late teens (Chapter of Goken)
40s-60s (Getterborn Rising)
Affiliation Keyblade Masters (formerly)
Getter Team (ally)
Voice Actor(s) GokaiWhite (English)

TBD (Japanese)

Status Presumably alive


As a teen/young adult, Goken had a resemlance to Go, with short black hair and green eyes. He wore an outfit that makes him loosely resemble the classic Getter Robo, consisting of a red short-sleeved open vest/shirt with green chest pockets that left his midriff and the center of his torso exposed, white pants with yellow tights worn over, and red shoes. He also had the japanese kanji 剛(strong)拳(fist) written on his bare chest in red body paint.

When he is an old man, Goken wears a lab uniform that is conversely themed after Getter Robo G.


Goken as a teenager or young adult

In his younger days, as shown in "Kingdom Hearts: Chapter of Goken'", Goken was an excessively wisecracking, skirt-chasing, big-mouthed, flamboyant, charismatic guy who liked admiring his unmentionables in the privacy his room, among other weird habits. He didn't have a strong respect for his elders(save for his parents and his hot nurse) because of their idolizing individuals Goken personally considered to be the worst people around, but he still took his training seriously enough to maintain his handsome physique for the sake of his female peers. He also mentioned wanting to find a way to recover hearts without abusing the Power of Waking, as well as a way to save victims of the power's abuse, showing that he has an altruistic, caring side as well; this is probably where his interest in Getter Rays and their related lore originated from.

Goken later dropped some of his eccentric habits, became a very intelligent, well renowned scientist, and is said to have been so dedicated to his research, he abandoned his fellow Keyblade Masters, taking his only pupil with him. He also held some contempt for Xehanort, though his splitting into Ansem the Dark and Xemnas, and the consequences that followed, did not dissuade Goken from furthering his own scientific endeavors. Goken would also only give sensitive information to those who prove to be worthy of his trust and friendship.


Many years ago Goken was a budding Keyblade Warrior who discovered stones containing concentrated Getter Rays in his world, leading him to become a scientist like Dr. Saotome. He was so dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the Getter Rays, he left with his lone pupil to conduct his research in a discreet world, and was never heard from again. With the start of the Getterborn Riots in the modern day, a young Keyblade Master named Sora is pointed out to Goken's location by Benkei Kuruma, and they are seeking his help to fight the Getterborn as well as find Hayato, Ryoma, and hopefully Shin Getter Robo.


  • Goken's name comes from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, the creators of the Getter Robo Saga.
  • His younger self also resembles Touji Suzuhara from Neon Genesis Evangelion, who is also voiced by Tomokazu Seki .
  • He once had a teacher who was so racist, that said teacher gave Goken detention for simply speaking Japanese.

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