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I got this idea recently, that I'd like to do for fun.

The Getter Robo Nero (ゲッターロボネロ, Getta Robo Nero) is a powerful new robot created to fight the armies of the Makai Realm, lead by the Ogresaurus. The combined robot is powered by moonlight, so it can only be used at night, but it's individual components can still be used at any time of the day.

It is the titular mecha of an eponymous live action movie trilogy, where it is simply referred to as Nero.


Nero Getter Machines

The Nero Getter Machines can transform into giant mechanical versions of their animal namesakes, unlike other Getter Machines.

  • Nero Bat - A wide and sleek aircraft that transforms into a vampire-bat, which can suck fuel out of machines, rendering enemy robots inert or turn them against each other. It's pilot is a yet-unidentified British/Caucasian male, and it was constructed by the Royal Air Force.
  • Nero Panther - A VTOL that transforms into a panther with razor sharp teeth and high senses, which can traverse the land, sky, and sea. It's pilot is a yet-unidentified African American female, and it was constructed by the US Special Forces.
  • Nero Condor - A fighter jet that transforms into a condor, which fires Feather Missiles. It's pilot is a yet-unidentified Japanese male, and it was constructed by the Japanese Self Defense Force.


Nero Unus

  • Formation Order: Bat + Condor + Panther
  • Abilities: Cloaking technology
  • Weaponry: Getter Blades

Nero Duos

  • Formation Order: Panther + Bat + Condor
  • Abilities: Highest strength(but cannot fly)
  • Weaponry: Getter Cestus

Nero Tres

  • Formation Order: Condor + Panther + Bat
  • Abilities: Highest speed
  • Weaponry: Feather Missiles, Getter Magnums


  • Nero(referring to it's aptly black color scheme) uses a latin naming structure, in contrast to that of previous Getters.
  • The Getter Team using this robot is the first multi-national one.
  • Each mode of Getter Robo Nero is designed to pay homage to various black-clad superheroes and/or their animal motifs.
    • Unus- Batman from DC Comics.
    • Duos- Black Panther from Marvel Comics.
      • Getter Panther's animal mode also bears some resemblence to Ravage from Transformers.
    • Tres- Black Condor from Chojin Sentai Jetman .
      • Getter Condor's vehicle mode resembles a cross between Black Condor's Jet Condor, and the God Phoenix from Gatchaman, a spiritual predecessor to Jetman and the larger Super Sentai series it is part of.