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Muqri Izani Khenit (ムクリ・イザニ健日東(ケニット) Mukuri Izani Kenitto) is a Malaysian artist/illustrator, filmmaker, actor, voice actor, singer and YouTuber. My real name is Muqri Izani bin Faizal. I love/like tokusatsu, anime, superhero, kaiju, film/movie, dinosaur, tv series and more. I created/published/released dawing/art/illustration, editing, funny meme, film/movie and many more other videos.

  • Born/Birth: 17th January 2007 (Age: 14 Years Old)
  • Years Active: 2020-present
  • YouTube: MUQRI IZANI KHENIT Official YouTube Channel
  • Facebook: Muqri Izani Faizal
  • Instagram: muqri_izani_khenit_malaysia
  • Twitter: MuqriIzaniK2007
  • TikTok: muqri_izani_khenit
  • DeviantArt: MuqriIzaniK2007