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Tsutsuno Byakuya
Tsutsuno - Profile Picture.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Tsutsuno Byakuya
Japanese Name 白夜行 ツツノ
Gender Female
Race Human (Cyborg)
Age Adult (21-24)
Affiliation Shifukan Institute
ARC Industry
Status Alive

Tsutsuno Byakuya (白夜行 ツツノ) is the CEO of ARC Industry, the Shifukan Institute's largest sponsor, and a pilot of Getter Robo.


Tsutsuno has long white hair, a buff build, tall stature, a blue right eye, and wears an eyepatch over her artificial left eye. Her hair is sometimes tied up, and her artificial eye has a white pupil with red sclera. Due to her critical injuries as a kid, Tsutsuno's body was modified using Getter radiation technology. As a result, 70% of her body has been replaced with a battle-grade prosthesis, making her a battle-grade cyborg.


On the outside, Tsutsuno is a very calming, gentle and well-rounded leader. But on the inside, she is very emotional and quite unstable. Due to her past, Tsutsuno has a deep burning hatred for the Empire of Atlantis, and vows to get vengeance for her deceased parents and fallen comrades. Takeo and Banko, to a degree, behave obediently to Tsutsuno out of fear after she shot at them to stop their fight.


Tsutsuno is the main pilot of the Getter Bailong. With her being a leader of a military company, Tsutsuno is highly experienced in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. And she is also a battle-grade cyborg with Getter radiation technology, this allows her to fire Getter Beams from her artificial eye upon removing her eyepatch.



When she was a child, Tsutsuno and her parents were assassinated by members of the Empire of Atlantis. She was later found by her grandfather, barely living. Thanks to Dr. Shifukan, she was turned into a cyborg in order to preserve her life. Tsutsuno is now the current CEO of her late father's company, ARC Industry, and sponsors the Shifukan Research Institute for her gratitude.

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  • Tsutsuno's name is originated from the mahjong tile "Haku-ryu"🀆 (白板 White Dragon Tile) and "Tsutsuko"🀛 (筒子 Pins/Circles).
  • Tsutsuno made her first appearance in "Super Robot Wars X-Ω" during the August 2020 "Three Black Ryujin" & "Mahjong HIGH!" Limited time event.



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