70s Texas Mack

Texas Mack (テキサスマック Tekisasu Makku) is an American Super Robot created by Dr. King and used by his children Jack King, piloting from the body, and Mary King, piloting from the hat. It only appeared in episode 21 of the anime.

Appearance and EquipmentEdit

Texas Mack resembles a cowboy with a detachable ten gallon hat that is piloted by Mary and can function as a scope and a shield, and it can also drop an anti-acid poncho on Texas Mack. It is armed with two revolvers for ranged combat. Each of these revolvers posses special properties; for example, each one can turn into a sword or a mace, and both can combine with each other to create a shotgun or a rifle. In terms of combat it is quite capable, able to beat Getter 1, Getter 2, and one Mechasaurus with relative ease, but it needed help from Getter to defeat a second Mechasaurus and it lost its fight against Getter 3.


The Texas Mack and the King siblings came to Japan to test their robots capabilities against Getter Robo, for use against the Mechasauruses. It defeated Getter 1 and 2 in quick succession, but lost to 3, only "winning" with a shot after the match was declared over. It then proceeded to fight and force back a Mechasaurus by itself. Unfortunately, the second bout against the Mechasaurus proved worse for Mack, as it had to be bailed out by Getter 3 with a flight attachment. Seeing that Texas Mack still needed improvements, the King siblings go back to the United States to finish up the machine, yet did not make any other appearances for the remainder of the anime.

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PSP スーパーロボット大戦A PORTABLE 全武装 テキサスマック HDVer

PSP スーパーロボット大戦A PORTABLE 全武装 テキサスマック HDVer