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Tatsuhito Saotome
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Vital statistics
Title Tatsuhito Saotome
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation GETTER
Status Active

Tatsuhito Saotome is the commander of GETTER as well as the son of Ken Saotome and older brother of Michiru and Genki. Unlike his other counterparts, this incarnation of Tatsuhito takes his father's role as the Getter Team's overseer and first pilot of Getter III rather than serve as a martyr.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tatsuhito is a young man of average height and weight with an athletic build, short dark hair and eyes. After an encounter with Ionas, he received scars across going down his eyes. He is usually dressed in a military-like uniform and after receiving his scars wears a visor over his eyes.

Tatsuhito is determined to stop the Idea at all costs, seeing them as his father's greatest sin that he must correct. This has him push himself to limits that greatly damage his body. It was only until Musashi convinced him to change tactics that Tatsuhito was able to calm down and leave the battles to those who can handle it while offering support to them. Among the Getter Team, he is closest with Musashi, knowing her dark past and they share a mutual trust and reliance on the other.


Tatsuhito is a skilled pilot able to pilot the Bear Getter Machine to its fullest. However due to lacking the proper physical condition compared to the others, the immense g-force can greatly damage his body especially after losing some of his vision in battle. His combat abilities are also impressive able to single handedly defeat a human-sized Idea.