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Takuma Nagare
Vital statistics
Title Takuma Nagare
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Adolescent-Young Adult)
Affiliation Getter Team,

Saotome Institute

Voice Actor(s) Yuma Uchida (anime)
Status Alive (both Manga and Anime)

Takuma Nagare is the estranged son of Ryoma Nagare and a woman who ran his dojo after his death. He possesses a genetic factor that came from his father's exposure to Getter Rays giving him a special connection to the Getter, allowing him to pilot any Getter Machine including the Getter Robo Arc.


Takuma is a young man with a fit build, short black hair, and black eyes. In his debut appearance, Takuma wore an outfit similar to the pilot outfit of Musashi Tomoe. After joining the Saotome Institute, he wears the pilot suit with a helmet based on the one his father wore.


Takuma is hot-blooded with a lot of confidence to the point of calling himself 'immortal'. While he never really knew his father, growing up on the stories his mother told him gave Takuma some respect for Ryoma as well as the people he's worked with. This also gives him a little bit a nervous tension when the Saotome Institute started an alliance with the Dinosaur Empire. Takuma holds a deep grudge against Carter McDonald, and by extension the Andromeda Country for the death of his mother and joined the battle against them to avenge her.


Takuma is a powerful fighter having been taught the Nagare-Ryu karate style and training from a young age. He was stated to have survived and come out of many dire situations and up until he met Kamui Sho, no one was able to even hit him. Takuma possesses a genetic factor in his DNA that he inherited from Ryoma after he was greatly exposed to the Getter Rays far more than the average person did. Dubbed the "Poster Boy of the Getter" by Dr. Shikishima, this allows him to pilot nearly any Getter robot without any trouble, as well as other abilities including a form of foresight where he saw Ryoma in a vision.


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