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Vital statistics
Title Messiah Tahir
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Green Earth
Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Nozomu Sasaki (Arc anime)
Status Deceased by end of Getter Robo Go

Messiah Tahir (also spelled Tayel and Tayrr) is a major character who appeared in the later half of the Getter Robo Go manga. He has a special power that appears to be tied to the Getter Rays and founded his own religion called 'Green Earth' around this ability with Tahir acting as the guru. In Getter Robo āḥ, it is revealed that he has a younger brother named Baku Yamagishi.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tahir has the appearance of a young monk in his preadolescence, though his exact age is difficult to determine. He has a bald head and is usually seen in clothing covering his body such as his order's robes or a jacket with a pilot scarf. Tahir acts very mature than what his appearance suggests, always speaking with confidence and no hesitance. This also includes ridiculing his followers when they speak out of line. He has a lot of faith in the power of the Getter, seeing it as a guiding force that can change impossible outcomes for the better.


Tahir's connection to the Getter Rays allow him to hear the voice of the Getter itself which allows him to sense threats including the approaching Dinosaur Empire forces as well as stop an attacking dinosaur mount. His connection also allows him to pilot a Getter Machine without having to go through training and resist the overwhelming pressure of the Getter Rays from the Shin Getter Robo, something Tahir's followers were unable to do.


Tahir first appeared when the Getter Team came to the mountain where the Nagare Dojo was to recruit Ryoma Nagare. He appeared before Go Ichimonji and co. and greeted them while his followers explained who Tahir was and how he could save the world when Go looked at him doubtfully. Tahir told them off saying they couldn't be saved with their behavior. When the Dinosaur Empire attacked, Tahir helped everyone escape and get into the Shin Getter. Upon the Getter's launching, Tahir survived with his mind intact along with Ryoma and Go. Tahir intercepts Go as he planned to destroy the Shin Getter after what it did to his companions. Tahir and Ryoma explained to him that the Getter was needed to fight their enemies and watched as Gai Daido was absorbed into the Getter. When the time was ready, Tahir piloted the Getter Machine 2 of Shin fighting against and destroying the Dinosaur Empire forces before having the Getter plunge onto the surface of Mars which causes the polar ice caps to melt and start a terraforming process all at the cost of the pilots' lives.