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Vital statistics
Title Stinger
Japanese Name スティンガー
Gender Male
Race Human/Invader
Age (Middle Aged to Elderly)
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Banjo Ginga (Majuu Sensen)
Masashi Hirose (Armageddon)
Status Infected by Invaders (1-13)
Deceased (13)

Stinger (スティンガー Sutingā) is one of the Getter Ray physicists competing with Dr. Saotome before they were infected by Invaders and became part of their advance guard as one of the pilots of Metal Beast Dragon.

Appearance and Personality[]

Stinger is an older man with scaly skin that has a light green hue and has medium lengthed and messy green hair. Stinger is loyal to Dr. Saotome and is close with his coworker Cowen addressing him with "kun". He shares Cowen's obsessive view on Getter Rays working closely with him. As the gigantic gestalt monster, Stinger serves as the outer layer and back of the creature, featuring five legs on each side of their body, a relatively long neck attached to a head, and a tail.


As a leading physicist in Getter Rays, Stinger knows how to effectively use them for weaponry and its effects on others. He is a competent pilot able to control the Metal Beast Liger through the Invader parasites in his body. As the giant Invader monster, Stinger serves as an antenna to control and transmit energy.


Stinger along with Cowen were infected with Invaders after Dr. Saotome becoming his main enforcers and attacking the Japanese Army when they began to interfere with their plans. Many years later, Stinger and Cowen would work as the advance guard for the Metal Beasts before piloting Metal Beast Dragon against the Getter Team and Shin Getter Robo. When it seemed they were evenly matched and the Metal Beast group used an illusion to get them off guard, the Getter Team managed to make a big comeback and used Stoner Sunshine to nearly destroy Metal Beast Dragon. Cowen and Stinger manage to escape to Jupiter with what remained of Metal Beast Dragon, and used its getter core to attempt to ignite Jupiter into a Getter Ray sun. Later on both Stinger and Cowen morph into a giant creature to destroy the Getter Team but are ultimately destroyed by Shin Getter 1's Final Tomahawk.


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  • Stinger's appearance is based on Dr. Barbia in Majuu Sensen.