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Sho Tachibana
Vital statistics
Title Sho Tachibana
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation NASAR
Voice Actor(s) Yu Asakawa
Status Active

Sho Tachibana is a pilot working for NASAR, piloting the Getter 2 formation of Getter Robots.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sho generally resembles her manga counterpart with her long red hair and dark eyes. Her pilot suit while modeled after the one she wore in the manga, is mainly colored red like her original anime counterpart. Sho is normally calm and reassuring, but when dealing with her hot-blooded teammate Go Ichimonji, she can be rather in his face.


Sho is a highly competent pilot, having received training from the American Air Force. Due to the similar controls, Sho is able to pilot the Neo Getter Robo as well as the exceptionally more powerful Shin Getter Robo. The ending of the series shows that Sho practices the art of Iaido, the quick-draw sword style.


Sho before her recruitment into NASAR once served in the American military, becoming acquainted with Jack and Mary King. After her recruitment, Sho along with Gai Daido tried to find a third pilot but were not having much luck. By the time Go was recruited, there have been disputes between them but fighting the Dinosaur Empire with help from the Texas Mac was a priority. When the empire attacked the shut-down Saotome Institute, Sho and Gai were left to fight the prototype Getter robots but were running out of power in the Neo Getter until the arrival of the Shin Getter Robo. With the Shin Getter in hand, the Getter Team faced a gigantic Emperor Gore and achieved victory by properly harnessing the immense Getter Ray pressure. With the battle over, Sho and her teammates join in on the celebration on the reopening of the Saotome Institute.


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