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Shinichi Tachibana
Shinichi Tachibana-Daikessen.PNG
Vital statistics
Title Shinichi Tachibana
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human Cyborg
Affiliation Vega Zone
Status Deceased

Shinichi Tachibana is the older brother of Sho Tachibana and the son of Dr. Tachibana. Unlike his anime counterpart who was simply killed by the forces of Professor Lando, he was brainwashed by their forces into one of the soldiers and pilots.

Appearance and Personality[]

Compared to his anime counterpart, Shinichi is older and has a starkly different appearance with a bald head that shows a visible scar from where he gained the cyborg surgery. Before Shinichi was brainwashed, he was originally a supportive young man who was very close with his family so much that he and Sho shared a connection where they could sense the other's presence. After his conversion into a cyborg he was left emotionless and a willing mind slave to the army of Prof. Lando. By his near death in battle against the Getter Robo Go, he reverted to his original personality seeing his sister and her friends off.


Shinichi was stated to be a developing scientist going along with his family in the Vega Zone project. He and Sho possessed a closeness that allowed them to sense each other but Shinichi seems to have lost this after his conversion. After becoming a cyborg he pilots the Metal Beast Garon Z-54, which he pilots to a deadly degree allowing him to pilot the robot in a no-holds bar against the Getter.