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The Shine Spark is one of the strongest attacks in the Getter Robo's arsenal, starting with Getter Robo G. All three pilots step on the pedal within their cockpits, and the Getter Robo covers itself in pure Getter Radiation. In Getter Dragon's case, it launches the energy at the foe, causing a massive explosion. In Shin Getter-1's case, it merges with the foe, causing more damage in the process. Usually, if a Dynamic Kill happens, the Getter Robo watches the explosion for a moment before flying away.

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  • The only time Metal Beast Dragon, a varient of Getter Robo G, is seen doing the Shine Spark is in Super Robot Wars D. However, its strongest attack in Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-hen is the Getter Change Attack.
  • The single-pilot Getter Dragon in Super Robot Wars Advance can't do a Shin Spark, but it can do the Stoner Sunshine Spark combination attack with Shin Getter-1.