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The Shin Getter Robo Tarak (真ゲッターロボ タラク) is a robot that appears in Getter Robo Arc. It appeared mysteriously and not much is known about it at this time. It is piloted by Go Ichimonji


The Black Shin Getter first appeared from an rift in space-time to defend the Saotome Institute while the Getter Arc Team was away. Afterwards it would appear at various points across the globe, making short work of The Stelleration's forces before disappearing again.

When confronted by Sho, Go claimed that it was the Black Shin Getter that allowed him to exist at that time and place.

When the Andromeda Empire forces attacked the Dinosaur Empire, Go sacrificed himself and the Tarak to reactivate Zold and allow the Arc team and Gettersaurus to travel to the Andromeda Stelleration's territory so they could finally strike back at the enemy.

Its image was later seen as part of a mandala within Getter Emperor that depicted multiple Getters. It's section was notable due having a red, flame-like aura around it.

Technical and Combat Capabilities[]

  • Getter Tomahawk: It posses Getter Tomahawks similar to those used by Shin Getter 1, it can also connect two of them by the handles.
    • Tomahawk Boomerang: It can throw it's Tomahawks to attack at a distance.
  • Stoner Sunshine: It is shown to use the Stoner Sunshine, it appears identical to the version used by the original Shin Getter.
  • Getter Beam: It possesses a Getter Beam that appears to be identical to the original Shin Getter's.
  • Getter Laser: a hyper-focused beam of Getter Energy fired from the fingertips which can pierce the deepest parts of any enemy. [1]



  • Shin Getter Robo Tarak's design draws heavily upon the Black Getter featured in the 1998 OVA Getter Robo Armageddon.
    • Whereas Black Getter's "face mask" was meant to invoke punk imagery, Shin Getter Robo Tarak's more closely resemble Mazinger Z's face due to being a 3D model.[2]
  • The red aura around Tarak's image on the Getter Mandala within Emperor may be a reference to Getter Noir which is often depicted with a red aura.
    • This is supported by the fact that Go's pilot suit while piloting Tarak was based on the Getter Noir pilots.[3]