Officially named Shin Dragon, Shin Getter Dragon, and Getter Dragon, the collectively known Shin Getter Robo G is the next step in the evolution of the Getter Robo G through the Getter Rays. It has made an appearance in Getter Robo Daikessen, and a similar Getter seemingly named Getter Shin Dragon (at least according to the english dub of the first episode) has served a major role in Getter Robo Armageddon as well as related media like the Super Robot Wars series.

Getter Robo DaikessenEdit

In Getter Robo Daikessen, you receive the Shin Getter Dragon in the last stage in the game, stage 21. Here, Shin Getter Dragon was born when Saotome Lab used Getter Robo G as the battery for Getter Emperor. During the process, it mutates into a new form. This version of Dragon could not split into three but three pilots still could pilot the mecha. It incorparates some of Liger's & Poseidon's attacks like shooting a huge missile out of its navel and turning the right arm into a huge drill. The Getter Beam appears in the form of the mech summoning a large gun with a barrel that resembles the head of a Getter Robo. Its final attack is the Shin Shine Spark, which is initiated by Shin Getter Dragon summoning energy around its body. Compared to other models, it resembles a more traditional Getter robot compared to the more strongly changed counterparts.

Getter Robo ArmageddonEdit

In Armageddon, the enormous beast is initially seen as a rough, jagged beast formed of Getter Robo Gs before disappearing during the bombing of Saotome Labs. 13 years later, Shin Dragon is reawakened when Hayato sends out a Getter Ray burst from his Tower. After it is taken back by Dr. Saotome, the beast changes into a smoother and larger form with a size of 6000 meters, enough to match the mass of a large island. After Saotome is defeated, the New Getter Team claim Shin Dragon as their own and Go is placed in stasis after the battle. When Kei and Gai are almost overwhelmed by Invaders, Go reawakens and Shin Dragon changes for the last time; this time with its lower body simply being based on Uzahra, the guardian of Atlantis with part of a slightly redesigned version of the Shin Getter Robo Gs seen above on top of the body.

Shin Dragon Edit

The Shin Dragon formation is the primary form of the Getter. The immense Getter Energy this robot gives off allows it to bend space and even summon energy and power from other realities. Its weaponry consists of a Double Tomahawk Boomerang formed by combining two axes together and throwing them with a curve, a Getter Beam fired from the head, unused Getter Cutters, an enormous Getter Beam fired from the dragon head, and Shin Shine Spark a stronger version of the Getter Dragon's Shine Spark. It can also connect to Shin Getter Robo and provide energy for Shin Getter Robo to form the Final Getter Tomahawk, an enormous axe formed of Getter Rays that is capable of slicing clean through the moons of Jupiter.

Shin LigerEdit

While seldomly seen, by rearranging its body, Shin Dragon can take different forms including Shin Liger. In this form, the torso turns into a large drill, Liger's head and legs pop out, and two rockets form around the head. Weaponry includes firing its drill multiple times, and simply drilling through foes while using rockets from the back.

Shin PoseidonEdit

The Shin Poseidon is a form also assumed by Shin Dragon. In Armageddon the colors on the head are reversed, but is arguably the form that is closest to the original Poseidon. The left hand is replaced with a wrecking ball while the right resembles a large baseball mitt that can form a large electric net. Its other weapon is essentially an enhanced form of Getter Cyclone performed with three fans instead of one.

Getter Robo āḥEdit

In Shin Getter Robo, Benkei pilots the Getter Robo G in its Dragon formation to dive into the earth during an attack which surrounds it in a cocoon of Getter Rays. The cocoon later unleashes a large amount of power during another attack which manages to drive off the invading aliens.

Near the end of the āḥ manga, the Getter Dragon comes out of its cocoon after evolving confronting Bug and Getter Robo āḥ. Here it is shown as a giant machine with its three main forms' heads.

Super Robot Wars Edit

In Super Robot Wars D and Z2, Shin Dragon's history and appearances are identical to Armageddon with the exception of Shin Dragon's final form being involved in the events of other series due to the nature of the Super Robot Wars franchise. Shin Dragon's biggest changes entail its first two forms gaining attacks in the form of the first form using its base components to overwhelm attackers, and its second form firing a large Getter Beam out of its mouth. In Super Robot Wars Z3.1, it serves a minor role in the plot in the form of assisting Mazinger Z in unlocking its final attack by firing a Getter Beam at it. In the preview for Super Robot Wars Z3.2, Go is shown linked to Shin Dragon promising to upgrade an unspecified group of robots while Ryoma objects to a dependence on Getter Rays and Koji apparently questions Go about 'Mazinger's true power'.

In Super Robot Wars T, Shin Getter Dragon is piloted by the Armageddon version of the original Getter (Ryoma and Hayato are among the pilots seen in the second preview. It is unknown who the third pilot is at the moment.) It can be seen doing versions of the Getter Drill and Getter Tomahawk attacks in the second preview of the game.


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