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The Saotome Institute in the manga.

The Saotome Getter Ray Research Institute (abbreviated as Saotome Institute) is a laboratory located at the foot of Mt. Asama founded and owned by Dr. Saotome. It serves as the main base of the Getter Team in Getter Robo.


Due to the research being focused on Getter Rays, the Institutes facilities primarily focus on using Getter Rays as an energy source as well as products that utilize Getter Rays including Getter Alloys and bombs. Its main focus has been the development of the Getter Robo. For security, it is armed with weapons such as the Getter Navalon Cannon that can destroy a Mechasaurus in one blast.


Dr. Saotome had discovered a source of Getter Rays near Mt. Asama and founded the Saotome Institute to study the mysterious new energy source. For years, he and his staff studied the effects of Getter Rays until the rise of the Dinosaur Empire forced them to use the Getter Robo for a battle against them. With the battle of the Dinosaur Empire raging on, the Saotome Institute was eventually wrecked and replaced with the New Saotome Institute.

After the destruction of the New Saotome Institute in the manga, the Saotome Institute is rebuilt with the staff stationing itself there. The development of the Shin Getter Robo took place as well as battles from invaders from the future. With the battle over however, the Shin Getter's Getter Ray fallout caused the Institute's staff to be annihilated. With the staff lost, the Institute was abandoned with the Shin Getter laying dormant there.

Years later the Saotome Institute would be reactivated with the Dinosaur Empire attacking the surface again. The Institute's use of the Shin Getter managed to stop the invasion and with the Shin Getter's sacrifice, Hayato Jin took over as director.

The Institute would once again be used to test and develop Getter robots and with the advent of the invaders coming back, the Institute recruited new pilots to fight the threat even making an alliance with its old enemy, the Dinosaur Empire.