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Vital statistics
Title Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Getter Team
Status Deceased by Chapter 7

Saotome is the instigator of the events in Dino Getter. He is a navigator putting his faith in the Getter Ray powered Dino Getter Robo. For a very short while he was a pilot of the Getter but could not properly control it.


Saotome resembles his original counterpart as a short yet broad old man with messy aged hair, a detailed nose, and his signature geta. For clothing he wears a ragged cloak over a top and pants.


Saotome is determined to free humanity from the tyranny of the Dinosaur Empire, putting all of his faith into the only weapon that can have any chance against the Mechasaurus weapons, the Dino Getter Robo. His drive was so strong, it was also extreme; before finding the Getter, he was willing to do acts such as sabotage that may have included suicide missions. It is later revealed however that Saotome's goals are on the foundation that humanity can become more than its current phase, to evolve into something greater.


Saotome is a skilled navigator, able to guide people through the underground tunnels beneath the surface. He holds a deep knowledge of Getter Rays having studied them before as well as how to implement Getter-based technology into living tissue while working with surgical precision. With enough practice and training Saotome was able to move the Dino Getter but nowhere near the potential of the Getter Team. Despite his age, he is still capable of using high tech weapons and guerrilla warfare, able to take out Ghoul's guards and later confront the lord himself.


Saotome was once a scientist fascinated by Getter Ray Energy but the resulting fallout he inadvertently started caused present day birds and reptiles to evolve into sentient dinosaur-like beings. These beings became the Dinosaur Empire with Saotome spending years underground to find a way to counteract them. Saotome eventually discovered the Dino Getter Robo. Unable to move it on his own, Saotome witnessed the machine save the young Nagare. With Saotome helping operate on Nagare to give him the needed bionics, he told the awakened boy about what happened. Seeing Nagare resonate with the Getter so strongly, Saotome offered to help train the boy to fight back against the empire.

Years later, they come to the surface and fight against the Mechasaurus armies while recruiting the other pilots Tomoe and Jin after helping them out. With the battle against Ghoul about to take place, Saotome encounters the Lord and is mortally wounded by him. Mocking the man for bringing everything to himself, Saotome is absorbed into Ghoul. With Saotome's past revealed, Saotome encourages the Getter Team to finish the job not for his sake or the world's but to become something bigger than themselves.