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Reinforced Steel


Director Galeli


Dinosaur Empire


Dinosaur Soldier

Saki was a large Tyrannosaurus-like Mechasaurus that served as the first major antagonist in the Getter Robo TV series.


Saki is a large bipedal Mechasaurus standing upright, a brown scaly main body, a long tail, black nails, black padding, green chest armor, a scythe-like left hand, a pair of horns on the top of its face, and a metal plate on the top of its head.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Saki primarily uses brute force with its fangs are able to hold on and tear off armor. Its physical strength is also able to combat with the Prototype Getter Robo in its Getter 3 formation. Saki is equipped with a Getter Ray protection device, allowing it to withstand Getter Rays including the concentrated Getter Beam. Saki primarily uses its bladed claw for close combat. For ranged attacks, Saki uses a heat ray released from its mouth. Saki's nose also contains a pair of missile launcher that can only be used at close range. While never used in the anime, Saki's tail is also a powerful weapon.


To fight the threat of the Getter Rays at the Saotome Institute, Emperor Gore sent Saki to attack the labs and the unfinished Getter Robo. The Prototype Getter Robo piloted by Tatsuhito Saotome intercepted it however and engaged the Mechasaurus. Saki's defenses and brute strength put the Proto-Getter at a poor match even in its Getter 3 formation. As the Proto-Getter tried to assume its Getter 1 formation, Saki destroyed the prototype before the machines had the chance to combine, killing Tatsuhito. Suddenly, the completed Getter Robo in its Getter 1 formation appeared piloted by Ryoma Nagare. Ryoma, still inexperienced with the robot had a hard initial fight especially since Saki had a powerful resistance to Getter Rays. In a last ditch effort, the Getter managed to kick Saki off balance and decapitate the Mechasaurus with a Getter Tomahawk.