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Sake Tomoe
Vital statistics
Title Sake Tomoe
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Voice Actor(s) Hiroko Kikuchi
Status Active

Sake Tomoe is Musashi's mother, she appeared in the original Getter Robo anime for one episode.


Tomoe wants the best for her son but is not afraid to physically discipline him when he does anything to upset her including when Musashi lied about Michiru being his girlfriend. She dislikes violence and wanted to drag Musashi home when it turned out he was fighting a dangerous enemy, but was glad when Musashi stood up to her after so long.


Tomoe had come to visit her son Musashi at the Saotome Institute after he had sent a crafted picture of him and Michiru who Tomoe believed was Musashi's girlfriend. However, when this turned out to be a lie, she was furious and beat Musashi. Tomoe was even more displeased that Musashi had been piloting a giant robot to fight an underground empire. She was ready to drag him back home, but Musashi stood his ground for once in his life and went out to fight. Impressed that her son found something her son was so passionate about, enough to disobey her, Tomoe allowed Musashi to stay.