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Ryoma Nagare
Vital statistics
Title Ryoma Nagare
Japanese Name 流竜馬
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Hideo Ishikawa
Status Retired

Ryoma Nagare is one of the original pilots of the Getter Robo but left the Saotome Institute after the death of his teammate Musashi.


At the beginning of the OVA, Ryoma for the most part resembled his original counterpart including the messy brown hair and black eyes as well as a rugged exterior. He wore bandages over his face from the torture he was put under. By the current day, he resembles his counterpart in the latter half of the Getter Robo Go manga, taller and more muscular, with longer hair, while adorned in a torn black gi and bandages on his limbs. For a while he also had a conical hat with a ragged cloak.


Ryoma was considered violent but with a strong sense of justice and had a kind heart. Devastated after the loss of Musashi, Ryoma struggled to find a new purpose. With the Dinosaur Empire reappearing and targeting his friends, Ryoma found the guts to get back into the action. While choosing not to pilot another robot for personal reasons, he instead offers advice to the new Getter Team based on his experiences.


Ryoma was well known for his piloting skills but after leaving the Institute, Ryoma began his long voyage and martial arts training. Ryoma's strength and skills allow him to hit and grapple with Dinosaur Empire soldiers, often crushing and knocking them out in one blow. In fact, jumping off the Neo Eagle Getter Machine did not faze or injure him after landing.


Ryoma was previously captured and tortured by the Dinosaur Empire. The process left Ryoma shocked and unable to fight with Musashi forced to go out alone. When Musashi crushed the Getter Core of the Getter Robo, Ryoma cried out to him as Musashi and Manhattan were destroyed along with the Mechasaurus Army. With Musashi's death, Ryoma left the institute and started a journey with no destination.

Years later, he visits Musashi's grave before going on. He eventually spots the Dinosaur Empire troops heading for the Saotome Institute. Ryoma helps fight the foot soldiers while getting the Shin Getter Robo ready. Back at the city, he helps out the fight while reuniting with Hayato and Dr. Shikishima. At the final battle with Gore, Ryoma offers advice to the pilots. After the battle, Ryoma joins everyone for photos.