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Vital statistics
Title Ryo
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation GETTER
Status Alive

Ryo is one of the main protagonists of Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness and the pilot of the Eagle Getter Machine for the Getter Robo and as the Getter Team's leader. He is based on Ryoma Nagare from the original series.


Ryo has a wild appearance with messy and spiky red hair that has a white cross shaped design on the front and red eyes. His clothing consists a top cut midriff over a sleeveless jacket, bandages on his arms, gloves, pants held up by a tied knot belt, and shoes. His bandages cover his bionic arms. At times the symbol for Anti-Getter Rays appears on his left eye.


Ryo is reckless and hotblooded, but this also gives him the courage to face problems without hesitation. He can get rather emotional when pushed to the limit which is a cause for concern when piloting the Getter as negative emotions can cause the appearance of Anti-Getter Rays so Ryo tries to control his feelings to make sure his teammates don't get hurt.

Abilities and Powers[]

Ryo is a cyborg with bionic arms that allows great strength, allowing Ryo to tear through enemies and obstacles with his bare hands and discharge energy. They also allow him to link up with the Getter Robo and allow him to pilot the robot without much instruction. His arms contain an amplifier for Anti-Getter Rays that allows the Getter to gain more power and even transform into the Getter Robo Darkness. Dr. Shikishima stated that the reason Ryo is the leader is because one day he will integrate with the Getter.


Not much is known about Ryo's past, but he appears to be tied to the Anti-Getter Rays shown when he had the Anti-Getter Ray symbol on his eye before gaining his bionic arms. At some point Ryo had the operation that gave him his arms. He was then recruited by GETTER to pilot the Getter Robo.