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Ron Schweitzer
Vital statistics
Title Ph.D., UN Scientist
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Adult)
Affiliation United Nations
Status Deceased (In Episode 13)

Ron Schweitzer is a Ph.D. scientist working for the United Nations stationed on a space station. He first appeared near the end of Getter Robo Go discussing some matters before reappearing years later as UN representative.

Appearance and Personality[]

Dr. Schweitzer is a Caucasian man of average height with a rather athletic build. He had long brown hair and wore a pair of glasses and a lab coat for most of his appearances. Dr. Schweitzer has always been a mild mannered person throughout his appearances, never being too worried or concerned about some dangerous outcomes. He possesses a great interest in the Getter Rays and their ability to spread life throughout the universe.


Getter Robo Go[]

Dr. Schweitzer was seen during the latter half of the manga overlooking the results of the Dinosaur Empire reappearing and the state of the world. He later witnesses the Shin Getter Robo decimating the armies before it charges into Mars, melting the polar ice caps and starting the process to terraform the planet.

Getter Robo āḥ[]

Many years later, as an alliance was made with the Dinosaur Empire; Dr. Schweitzer came as a representative of the UN. Coming from the space station and recalling what he encountered many years ago, he would explain to the Getter Team his thesis on the spread of life through the Getter Rays before they leave. In Anime, his been executed.