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Vital statistics
Title Robo
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Canine
Affiliation Getter Crew
Status Unknown

Robo was the pet of Musashi Tomoe and was even the pilot of Getter-2 at one point when the other pilots were unavailable. He later made a small appearance in Shin Getter Robo under the care of the Saotome Institute.


Robo was a small dog with floppy ears and drowsy eyes. Later appearances gave Robo a more realistic appearance and a larger size after the years since his debut.


Robo first appeared in a bonus chapter that was later introduced in the manga's compilations. He served as the temporary pilot of the Getter Machine Jaguar with Jumbo Machinder serving as the pilot of Getter Machine Eagle, but Musashi was the one doing most of the control due to the limitations in the battle against the Mechasaurus Giga. Years later, he is under the care of the Saotome Institute and played with Ryoma Nagare some time after his vision of the Getter world. It is unknown if Robo had survived the Getter fallout from the Shin Getter.