Getter Robo Wiki

A modified prototype Getter Robo serves as the primary machine of the Getter Team in Getter Robo Hien ~The Earth Suicide~.

Forms and Abilities[]

Compared to other Getter Robo models, this one uses a hybrid power source using a Getter Ray furnace and a plasma furnace. This allows the Getter Robo to run on different amounts of energy if one power source cannot be used, as what happened when the Getter was having trouble with its Getter Energy. This problem however was later revealed to be because the Getter was beginning its evolution into the Getter Robo Hien.

Getter 1[]

The Getter 1 formation primarily piloted by Tsurugi Ryuki resembles a smaller Shin Getter Robo flight formation, possessing a similar body frame, eyes with pupils, and even wings. On the left shoulder pad is a kanji. This forms is the most used given its flight capabilities and having more access to weapons.

  • 'Gatling gun and claw': Stored in the arms for close to mid-range combat
  • Getter Tomahawk: releases a double-bladed resembling a scythe from a port near the shoulder, used as the primary melee weapon
  • 'Gatling gun': Larger separate weapon used to take on stronger enemy and armies
  • Getter Beam: Released from the right shoulder cannon to shoot a beam of Getter Energy at enemies
  • Plasma Nova: Simultaneously shoots both shoulder cannons with Plasma energy to attack enemies

Getter 2[]

The speedy ground based Getter 2 formation primarily piloted by Dan Amakusa which is capable of moving at high speeds and low altitude flight. Like many similar forms it is armed with a drill on the right arm.

  • Getter Drill: The drill on the right arm is used in combat and after being exposed to powerful Getter Rays can change the size of its top bit and can quickly move in and out of thick ground

Getter 3[]

The heavy duty Getter 3 formation piloted by Goki Hagane is built like a tank and armed with a series of missiles, typically used in artillery fights.

  • 'Vulcans': Guns attached to the finger tips
  • 'Cannon': A large cannon attached to the back, releasing missiles at targets
  • Napalm Rain: Releases a flurry of missiles and projectiles from all ports
  • Tenchi Gokai: An arm throw used for close ranged grappling, capable of throwing enemies a long distance.



  • The Getter Robo is erroneously dubbed the Getter Robo Hien, which is actually this model's evolved form.