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The Prototype Getter Robo (プロトタイプゲッターロボ) is a white colored and singular unit prototype of the full fledged Getter Robo in the anime. It was used in the first episode by Tatsuhito Saotome to battle the Mechasaurus Saki.

Appearance and Capabilities[]

As it is only a prototype, it lacks the same capabilities as the completed model. As such, it cannot breach the atmosphere for space travel in its flight mode. It is not armed with weapons either, so the pilots can only use brute force to fight opponents. As such, it was often used in the Getter 3 formation. There were other models of the Getter 3 mode but they did not appear as the prototype was destroyed.

Prototype Getter 1 (プロトタイプゲッター1)[]

Prototype Getter 2 (プロトタイプゲッター2)[]

  • Pilot: Test Pilot.
  • Height 38m.
  • Weight 220 ton.

Prototype Getter 3 (プロトタイプゲッター3)[]

  • Pilot: Test Pilot.
  • Height 20m.
  • Weight 250 ton.


The Prototype was used by Tatsuhito to test the Getter Ray power reactor. Suddenly, the Mechasaurus Saki attacked Asama High forcing Tatsuhito to help out the students and staff. In spite of the prototype putting up a fight in its Getter 3 formation, the Mechasaurus overpowered the Proto Getter as it tried to form its Getter 1 formation with Tatsuhito dying from his injuries. Ryoma however, uses the completed model to defeat Saki.