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Professor Lando (TV)
Vital statistics
Title Professor Lando
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human Cyborg
Affiliation Vega Zone
Voice Actor(s) Daisuke Gori
Status Dead

Professor Lando (also known as Rando) is the main antagonist of Getter Robo Go. A mad scientist driven by insanity after his brain was linked up to a computer he created, he strove to dominate the world with an army of Metal Beasts.

Appearance and Personality[]

Professor Lando is an old man at least in his fifties with graying hair including a mustache, a computer attached to his head which cover his left eye that feature a pair of horns coming off the side of his head. Before becoming a cyborg, he was implied to be mild mannered and wanted to create a better future. But his methods involved taking risks like an experimental method to link a human mind directly to a computer CPU. Overwhelmed by the knowledge his experiment gave him, Lando went mad and strove to control the world.


Professor Lando was an accomplished scientist in both technology and biology, discovering a way to link the neural pathways of the human brain to a computer as well as transfer his entire mind into the main hub of Vega Zone. After increasing his intelligence with the computer, he is later able to craft the powerful Metal Beasts using the G Ore.


Professor Lando was one of the scientists in the Vega Zone project. However after his project of linking the human brain to a computer went wrong, he went mad with power attacking the other scientists and later built an army of both mutants and Metal Beasts.