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Professor Lando
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Vital statistics
Title Alrich Zu Lando
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human Cyborg
Affiliation Vega Zone
Voice Actor(s) Kozo Shioya
Status Deceased

Professor Alrich zu Lando is one of the main antagonists of the Getter Robo Daikessen !. Like his anime and manga counterparts, he is a mad scientist bent on taking over the world with his Metal Beast army and he even made himself into a cyborg.


Prof. Lando appears to be somewhere in his fifties with graying hair including a mustache and beard as well as wrinkles. He is tall but has a decent build for a person his age. Some of his body feature cybernetics such as his eye and different parts of his body such as the top of his head and a pair of horns on the sides of his head.


Prof. Lando is megalomaniacal and can clearly be seen as a sociopath by his desire for world domination for no apparent reason. He takes great pride in himself believing his army of Metal Beasts to be invincible; as such he is usually frustrated when obstacles such as the Getter robots and Allied Robot Corps get in the way of his ambitions.


Prof. Lando was an accomplished scientist in physics and robotics, being called upon for the original project of Vega Zone. With the advanced technology and materials and Vega Zone he was able to convert almost every one of the scientists into cyborgs for his army in addition to a form of brainwashing. He also designed the Metal Beasts as well as weapons for his foot soldiers.