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The New Saotome Institute is the successor to the Saotome Getter Ray Research Institute after it was destroyed in the final battle against the Dinosaur Empire. It is also known as Fordham G in other official materials.

Appearance and Features[]

The New Saotome Institute is much larger than its predecessor. It also possesses more elaborate machines for its facilities such as a storage room deep underground. In the anime, the New Saotome Institute is outfitted with Getter Ray technology which depending on a certain call can have different effects. "Go Down" covers the lab with a dome of Getter Ray energy that boasts powerful defense and deactivates with the call "Go Up". The lab also features a Getter Ray amplifier that allows the laboratory to strengthen the Getter Robo G.


The New Saotome Institute was built to replace its predecessor with the battle of Dinosaur Empire over but the Hyakki Empire on the rise. The institute served as a base and a needed bit of assistance. In both the manga and anime it was decimated in the final battle with the Empire, but the manga had it been rebuilt after the battle until it was abandoned after the Shin Getter Robo's Getter Ray meltdown. With the Dinosaur Empire resurfacing, it was reopened and later put under the ownership of Hayato Jin.