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Musashi Tomoe
Vital statistics
Title Musashi Tomoe
Japanese Name 巴武蔵
Gender Male
Race Human
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Voice Actor(s) Kiyoyuki Yanada
Status Deceased

Musashi Tomoe was one the original of the Getter 3 formation of the Getter Robo. Five years prior to the series, he fought against the Dinosaur Empire in New York City at the cost of his life and Manhattan setting the events of the OVA in motion.


Musashi's appearance is based on his original counterparts including his overweight but muscular physique as well as the samurai-esque armor along with the work helmet.


Musashi is easily the most gutsy of the original Getter Team, willing to risk his life to fend off the Dinosaur Empire until a new Getter Robo could be developed to better fight them. He possesses a strong sense of justice, refusing to turn the surface over to the Dinosaur Empire with a strong faith in humanity and protect his otherwise crippled companions.


Musashi is an accomplished pilot able to control the entire Getter Robo from one Getter Machine while the other two are on an auto-pilot function. While handicapped, Musashi was able to defeat several Mechasaurs in this state.


With Hayato injured and Ryoma still in pain after being tortured by the Empire prior to battle, Musashi took the Getter Robo into battle in New York City. Fighting hard but left on a leg, Musashi took out the Getter Robo's Getter Core causing a Getter Ray meltdown destroying the Mechasaur armies but also all of Manhattan. Musashi's death was mourned by his teammates and his actions had caused the Saotome Institute's research on Getter Rays to be indefinitely halted.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • This is the only animated incarnation of Musashi to have his death scene directly lifted from the original manga.