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Vital statistics
Title Musashi
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation GETTER
Status Active

Musashi is the pilot of Bear Getter Machine and the Getter III formation of the Getter Robo. This character is based on Musashi Tomoe from other series but this character is female and is svelte.


Musashi is a teenaged girl about 16 years old with red eyes and green hair worn in pigtails. She has rather sizable breasts as noted by Dr. Shikishima. Her figure is rather slender compared to her counterparts. Under her eyes are yellow eyeliner while her hair is held up by metal bracers while her clothing consists of a formal top with a skirt and a pilot suit with pads, a skirt, and long boots.


Compared to her teammates, Musashi is friendly with a bit more common sense. As such she often acts as the mediator between the hot blooded Ryo and the ever serious Hayato. She also acts as Hayato's observer, activating the tranquilizers he uses. Despite this, Musashi has an intense hate for the Idea and has to keep her teammates on track to remember their goal. This earned Musashi Tatsuhito's utmost respect, Musashi in turn can tell Tatsuhito about her past.


Unlike her counterparts and her teammates, Musashi lacks any hand-to-hand combat skills so she uses a machine-gun that fires lasers. However, whenever Musashi goes ballistic she tends to be more dangerous than either Ryo or Hayato especially when Dr. Shikishima tries to grope her. In addition she a highly competent pilot, surpassing Tatsuhito in skills and physical capabilities.


Musashi's true identity is an artificial human created by Ionize using the Idea's bio linking processes to create life from scratch. Musashi however was discarded as she did not meet Ionize's quota. Musashi is very sensitive about this and does not tell anyone about it except with people she can trust.