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Vital statistics
Title Moba
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Gender N/A
Race Mechasauruses
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Status Deceased

Moba was a giant flying Mechasaurus who led a group to destroy Y City.


Moba is a large wyvern like Mechasaurus, its main central head has frills on the side of its head and a horn on the nose area. On its shoulders are a pair of cobra heads. It has a pair of large wings for flight while the lower part of its body features a pair of tentacles.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Moba is capable of flight in even extreme weather conditions like artificially created tornadoes. It is also able to absorb electricity from thunderclouds, release lightning bolts from its central head at enemies or power machinery like the mobile base that was creating tornadoes. The cobra heads can spit an acidic venom that can melt even the Getter Robo's Getter Alloy. The heads can also restrain enemies by coiling around them.


Moba was used to gather energy for a mobile Dinosaur Empire base in an attack on Y City while also serving as a security measure. It took out any vehicle that came close including a delivery truck and the Getter Robo. When the Getter Machine units tried to combine, they were struck down by the Moba's electric attack. As it was powering the base, the base was attacked by grade school delinquets called the Rascals wanting revenge and the Getter Machine Eagle. Moba came in to protect the base and later fought the fully assembled Getter Robo. While the Getter managed to put up a fight, and damage both the Moba and the base, Moba kept the Getter in a continuous electric attack that prevented the Getter Team from doing anything further. Sho managed to damage both the Moba and the base with a box full of dynamite to avenge his friends. The Getter team managed to get free but Ryoma's reflexes were slowed down due to an injury. As the Moba coiled around the Getter, Ryoma disengaged. The Moba was then destroyed as the mobile base exploded.