The Tower has a large assortment of Super Robots at its disposal; most of them being mass produced replicas. Some of the super robots are limited produced like the Stilvas, Barozofus, Jikyos, and Stealth Bombers due to their more complex; while others are custom made for certain purposes. These super robots appear in the OVA series Getter Robo Armageddon and the video game Super Robot Wars Z2 (they appear when the Tower, and later Stilva use certain moves). They impersonate real robots, but are not. They were originally shown to be outmatched by the Invaders, but after going into space they turn the tides.


All of the super robots use firearms, but some of these super robots have unique weaponry. For example, a mech resembling a scuba diver uses a harpoon gun. These super robots are not fueled by Getter Rays, but they are all purpose machines. This allows them to be used for almost every situation.


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