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Minamoto no Raiko
Vital statistics
Title Minamoto no Raiko
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Fujiwara Armies
Voice Actor(s) Romi Park
Status Deceased at episode 8

Minamoto no Yorimitsu (also known by the alternative name Minamoto no Raiko) is a Heian Era general known for romanticized tales against supernatural enemies such as the Jorogumo and Shuten-doji. This iteration is actually a female that commands armies of the Fujiwara clan against Abe no Seimei.

Appearance and Personality[]

Raiko is a heavily built young woman often wearing a Japanese nobleman's hat and samurai armor including a tachi and companion sword. She has light brown but messy hair tied in a ponytail. As commander of armies under the ruling family of Japan, Raiko takes her position with the utmost discipline and seriousness. Her status of a woman does not even matter to her as Raiko uses her role as general alone to lead armies. She is very close with her vassals such as Kintoki and Tsunayoshi, mourning the latter's death even after learning that it was out of mercy.


Raiko leads armies of warriors against the Oni with some of the best tactics, successfully keeping a majority away from settlements. She is an accomplished swordsman, using special tachi forged from certain materials that allowed Raiko to fight through several Oni at once. Some of these swords however were incompatible with her such as the Kumokirimaru, unable to use the weapon's full power as she lacked a connection to Getter Alloy born weapon. The most powerful sword Raiko had wielded was the Dojikirimaru; a legendary tachi that after committing seppuku with it, is able to destroy a barrier set up by Seimei that not even the strongest attacks could destroy.


Raiko had lead her armies against Seimei's Oni. She later encounter Ryoma Nagare after he had decapitated Tsunayoshi after the latter was infected by an Oni bite. Believing Ryoma to be an Oni, she has him imprisoned until he escapes. Confronting Ryoma, she bears witness to his skills as he leaves. As Oni attack and Ryoma fights him off, Raiko tosses him the Kumokirimaru, with Ryoma able to bring out the weapon's full power as it was forged from a Getter Tomahawk. She gets Ryoma's full cooperation for an attack on Seimei's palace.

While fighting off the Oni, Raiko and Ryoma are beaten back by Seimei with a barrier they cannot break. When the Getter Robo comes tumbling down their direction, Raiko recovers her lost Dojikirimaru sword that Benkei had. To regain its lost power, Raiko commits seppuku and destroys the barrier with the last of her strength. This allows the Getter Robo to fight back and destroy the oni body Seimei had used.