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Michiru Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Michiru Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 17
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Rihoko Yoshida
Status Active

Michiru Saotome is the daughter of Dr. Saotome and a major supporting character in the Getter Robo anime. Compared to her manga counterpart, she had a more dominant role piloting her own jet to help the Getter Team.


Michiru has an attractive appearance with short brown hair worn in a uniquely styled headband and brown eyes.


Michiru is genuinely friendly and polite to anyone she meets and is even called the Madonna of Asama High gaining followers including Musashi Tomoe. Michiru also became close with Hayato Jin, who Michiru shared a similar understanding of losing a mother. Michiru however also possessed a strong will, willing to risk her life in a suicide mission to protect her loved ones.


Michiru is an accomplished pilot able to swiftly control her jet the Command Machine (later Lady Command) and accurately drop charges and supplies on target. By Getter Robo G, she had shown the capability to pilot a Getter Machine when Hayato was unavailable to pilot the Liger unit.


Michiru first appeared when the Dinosaur Empire attacked the surface and when her brother Tatsuhito Saotome died in the prototype Getter Robo while her classmate Ryoma Nagare filled his place. Afterwards, Michiru joined in the fight against the Dinosaur Empire in the Command Machine to supply the Getter Robo. Near the final battle, when Ryoma and Hayato are injured after the first attempt to stop the attack fails, Michiru volunteers for a new plan that involves using her jet to drop a charge that would destroy the ultimate Mechasaurus but would be incredibly risky and even suicidal. Before Michiru could leave however, Musashi hijacked the Command Machine to do the mission himself and although promising he would come back, Musashi had to pull a kamikaze that would destroy the Mechasaurus but also claim his life. With Musashi's death, Michiru strived to get stronger and when Hayato was nowhere to be found, Michiru filled in his position for piloting the Liger unit until he returned.