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Michiru Saotome
Michiru Saotome (Armageddon).png
Vital statistics
Title Michiru Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Age (Late Teens)
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Miki Nagasawa
Status Deceased

Michiru Saotome was the eldest daughter of Dr. Saotome and Genki's older sister. She was killed prior to the series in what appeared to be an accident during the test of the Getter Robo G. Her death seemed to have caused Dr. Saotome to develop a grudge on Ryoma and Hayato as he blamed them for her death. However it turned out that Michiru was the catalyst for the Invaders and had actually sacrificed herself to prevent them from taking over the Getter.

Appearance and Personality[]

Michiru's appearance in the OVA is identical to her original counterpart including a variation on her anime counterpart's pilot suit. Michiru seemed to be a compassionate and protective person willing to end her life to protect Ryoma and Hayato from being infected by the Invaders.


Michiru was an adequate pilot able to control a Getter Machine like the Poseidon Unit of the Getter Robo G.


Michiru was given the task to pilot the Poseidon Unit of the Getter Robo G in its trial stages, however she was unknowingly infected by the Invaders and during the attempted combination, the invaders burst out of her body trying to take over the Getter Machine. Michiru forcibly had the Getter Machine fail in combination in order to be crushed to prevent Ryoma and Hayato's machines from being infected and kill the Invader in the process. After the accident, Dr. Saotome examined the corpse of his daughter and the invader, showing it to his other offspring Genki Saotome. Despite examining Michiru's corpse, Dr. Saotome under the influence of the Invaders still blamed Ryoma and Hayato for his daughter's death and many years later, he put the old Getter Team under an illusion that included Michiru's death until Go contacted Michiru and Musashi's souls to reveal what really happened encouraging their friends to go on.