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Metal Beast Dragon (偽ゲッタードラゴン) is a Metal Beast developed from Invaders merging within a massive quantity of Getter Robo G models on a nanoscopic level that appears in the OVA series Getter Robo Armageddon and video games Super Robot Wars D and Super Robot Wars Z2 as boss units. It is piloted by Saotome (Dragon), Stinger (Liger), and Cowen (Poseidon). It was used to defend Shin Dragon after Shin Getter was able to get inside.


It has the same abilities as the original Getter Robo G, but it's moustache-like faceplace can be thrown as a boomerang and underneath it lies a powerful set of jaws. Due to the pilots being infected with invaders, they are able to utilize and combine the components together near the level of trained Getter Machine pilots.


The Metal Beast Dragon is almost identical to Getter Robo G except that Dragon has replaced its Spin Cutters with fins. Liger has bigger fins than its counterpart, and Poseidon has marks on its face and its bombs/missiles while screws appear to have formed on its back and even on its front of the base. Unlike other Metal Beasts in Armageddon, it does not have Invaders squirming/moving around any parts of its body due to being fused on a molecular level.


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