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Mazinger is a media franchise by Go Nagai, as well as a pioneer in the Super Robot genre by introducing popular tropes including internally piloted mecha as well as introducing character tropes such as hot-blooded protagonists and tsundere in anime format. Along with Devilman, Cutie Honey, and Getter Robo it is among the most popular franchises of Dynamic Productions. It also holds a significant place in the mecha genre as a whole.


In all of the series in Mazinger, a young man is given a powerful robot made of nearly indestructible metal to fight against a maniacal overlord and his army of giant robots. Assisting the hero are companions including a female to provide much needed support. While most series followed an episodic format (as was the usual in 1970s anime), the original format and more modern series set up either darker or more comedic storylines to suit different audiences.

Getter Robo[]

Some original drafts from the design phase of Mazinger Z included machines that combined to become a robot, which with Nagai's permission as well as Ken Ishikawa's ideas created Getter Robo. Getter Robo has also had a few crossovers with Mazinger including a film series as well as a couple manga such as reiterations by Gosaku Ōta.