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Mary King (Daikessen!)
Mary King-Daikessen.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Mary King
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Allied Robot Corps
Status Alive

Mary King is the co-pilot of the Texas Mack with her brother Jack King.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mary King is a young woman slightly younger than her brother and about the same age as the Getter Team with wavy light brown hair, brown eyes, and a distinctly shaped nose. She is dressed in a yellow pilot suit with a white scarf and gloves. Mary is confident in the Texas Mack, and while not as cocky as her brother, she believes she can handle whatever is thrown at them with the Texas Mack. After several dangerous encounters with various enemies however, Mary gains some respect for the Getter Team and they're Getter Robos. She also, just like her future incarnation, has a rather bad American accent, while speaking Japanese, and at times she'll say a phrase in English.


Mary is a competent pilot able to act as a data gatherer while Jack pilots the main body of Texas Mack. Because of this, it allowes the sibling to fight against two or more enemies at the same time.