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Maoki (Daikessen!)
Vital statistics
Title Maoki
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Genderless
Race Hyakki Beast
Affiliation Revolutionists
Hyakki Empire
Status Destroyed

Maoki was a gargantuan Hyakki Beast compiled up out of the bodies of Hayato Jin's old gang members.


Maoki was a gigantic robot with a humanoid shape and a large muscled body. There were large horn on its sholders and another pair on his head. The horn on top of its head had the face of Ryuji who serves as the main unit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Maoki possessed great and powerful amounts of strength. The hundreds of units composing its body could separate and fly at while allowing high agility. It's main weakness is the Ryuji unit that controls the whole unit, which when destroyed causes Maoki to lose control of its body. Ryuji's control can also be overridden by a remote control from the Hyakki Empire.