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Ken Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Ken Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Idea
Age Middle Aged to Elderly
Affiliation Idea
Status Active

Ken Saotome is one of the Idea who had retained his sentience and found a way to control them. It is implied that he was implied to be involved in the Idea's appearance. Ken is the father of Tatsuhito, Michiru, and Genki Saotome He is based on Dr. Saotome from previous series.


Ken is an older man in his fifties with a semi-thick build. He has messy white hair with a mustache and beard. For clothing he wears a headdress on his forehead while his body is covered in a black bodysuit with a white jacket that can attach to machines worn over it. On his feet are geta.


Ken much like some of his counterparts is obsessed with the Getter Rays and is searching for a way to find the perfect vessels for it and finding the Getter Ray's source in outer space. Before his transformation, he was described as being much friendlier and his research on Getter Rays was meant as a way for a new energy source. However upon testing the limits of Getter Rays which caused the birth of the Idea, he was convinced that his survival was a sign of being chosen by the Getter Rays and sought out more individuals with the power to find the source of the Getter Rays.