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Ken Ishikawa (real name Kenichi Ishikawa) was a mangaka known for several works including collaborations with his employer at Dynamic Productions Go Nagai such as Getter Robo.


Ishikawa's career began as an assistant to Go Nagai during the runs of Harenchi Gakuen and Abashiri Ikka. He later left for an independent career writing adaptations of notable works including an adaptation of Henshin Ninja Arashi by Shotaro Ishinomori, Ultraman Taro by Tsuburaya Productions, and even Go Nagai's Cutie Honey. Ishikawa came under Nagai's employment again in Dynamic Productions. He mainly assisted in the artwork of when some of the company's series such as Devilman and Mazinger were being used in anime.

One day he came across some old drafts for Mazinger Z and asked for Nagai's collaboration in a new robot which created Getter Robo. With Ishikawa's success in Getter Robo, he went on to create his own works including the Maju Sensen and Kyomu Senki series.

He returned to Dynamic Productions with Getter Robo Go and subsequent manga while stopping after Getter Robo āḥ was put on hold with its magazine's cancellation. He was also working on a few other projects involving Sengoku era based characters such as Yagyu Jubei and Ishikawa Goemon. However, he passed away from heart failure during a dinner banquet after a day of golf.

Notable Works[]

Getter Robo[]

Kyomu Senki[]

  • Kyomu Senki Miroku
  • Shiragikimon
  • Ninpō Hannouji Kashinkoji Yōjutsu
  • 5000 Kōnen no Tora
  • Dogra Senki
  • Jigen Seibutsuki Dogra
  • Jakiō Bakuretsu
  • Skull Killer Jakiō

Maju Sensen[]

  • Maju Sensen
  • Shinetsu Maju Sensen