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Kei Minamikaze
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Vital statistics
Title Kei Minamikaze
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation JSDF
New Saotome Research Institute
Status Incapacitated after launch of Shin Getter Robo

Kei Minamikaze is a member of the JSDF working under Hayato Jin in the Getter Robo Go manga.

Appearance and Personality[]

Kei is a young woman standing at an average height and build with light short colored hair pointed upwards. Kei is shown to be loyal to Hayato, reprimanding Go Ichimonji for accusing him of sacrificing civilians to disable the moving Metal Beast bombs when they were people close to Hayato. This along with Kei's strict and no-nonsense attitude causes her to dislike the more hot-blooded Go but is willing to work with him under orders.


Kei possesses a good memory able to recall the positions and order of the wires needed to defuse a nuclear bomb. In the CD drama, she was a scientist that was able to pilot the Getter 2 formation succeeding Sho Tachibana.


Kei welcomed Go and Gai Daido when they came back to Japan after the battle in Alaska. She directed them to the control room where Hayato was looking over status over defusing Metal Beast bombs. When Go accused Hayato of sacrificing innocent lives, Kei reprimanded him telling Go that all the volunteers were people close with Hayato. Unsatisfied, Go went ahead to defuse a bomb approaching the Saotome Institute with Kei going along with him given her memory of the wire formations. While she and Go exchanged some words, they managed to defuse the bomb before it exploded.

Inside the Institute, Kei hears the story of the original Getter robots as well as the Shin Getter Robo which caused a meltdown comparable to Chernobyl. Although concerned what might happen if the robot was reactivated, Kei went with Go to find Ryoma Nagare in the mountains. While Ryoma and Go exchanged blows, the Dinosaur Empire attacked. With the attacks getting worse, Kei boarded the Shin Getter. But when the Getter launched Kei was overwhelmed by the Getter Rays losing her sanity. Based on an image in Go's mind where Kei reverts to an infant form, Kei was rendered mentally paralyzed.