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Vital statistics
Title Kei, Genki Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Child (1-2),

Young Adult (3-12)

Affiliation Getter Team
Voice Actor(s) Narumi Hidaka
Status Alive

Kei is the adopted daughter of Benkei Kuruma. She holds a secret about her origin due to a mental block that was present when Benkei adopted her.

It is later revealed that Kei's real name is Genki Saotome who was raised to be a boy but suffered from the loss of her family members and later blocked off all memories by the time she went into the underground shelter with Benkei giving her a new name. Kei's name and appearance comes from Kei Minamikaze from the Getter Robo Go manga.


Kei is a young woman of average height and build with short dark green hair. She was almost always seen in a pilot suit.


Kei always attempts to look and be strong but is actually rather vulnerable due to holding so many suppressed memories. This started after the death of her older sister Michiru which caused Genki to close herself off from everything. By the time so much destruction happened around her along with her past traumas, Genki had closed off all memories of her past life until she was in the underground shelter forgetting her own name.

After becoming Kei, she wanted to protect everything important to her, to the point of piloting the Shin Getter Robo. Upon recovering her memories as Genki after encountering Dr. Saotome with Benkei, Kei was shocked but upon meeting Go begins to accept the past and continue on into the future. Kei even seems to have some sort of feelings for Go but whether they are familial platonic or romantic is uncertain.


Kei worked as a research member of the armed forces allowing her to know about mechanisms of different machines including the Shin Getter and Beetle T23. She also worked as a medic looking after Go when he was injured.


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