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Karate Captain
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Elderly
Affiliation Ichigan Nagare (Former Associate)
Status Alive

 The Karate Captain was an elderly official who had formerly worked alongside Ichigan Nagare.


The Captain was an elderly man, he was physically fit for his age and had lengthy white hair.


Judging from his short appearance, it's obvious he was a man who firmly believed in following rules as well as discipline. He was completely against Ichigan Nagare's pragmatic style of karate and his training methods, calling it a heresy to karate as a whole, hence why he had Ichigan's dojo shut down.


The Karate Captain had once encountered Ichigan but found his style to be rough and unrefined hence why at some point he had Nagare dojo shut down under (likely) shady deals.

The Karate Captain oversaw a Karate tournament with some officials until Ichigan Nagare's son Ryoma Nagare came bursting into the scene to showcase the Nagare ryu fighting style against the winner and other participants. He confronts the captain by showing Ichigan's portrait. The captain tells Ryoma about how Ichigan's style was a heresy only for Ryoma to knock him out before leaving. He is never seen afterwards.