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Kaede Shibasaki
Kaede Shibasaki.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Kaede Shibasaki
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Tachibana Institute
Voice Actor(s) Miki Tsuchiya
Status Alive

Kaede Shibasaki is one of the main characters of the Getter Robo Daikessen ! video game, as the pilot of the underwater mode of the Getter Robo Zan- Getter Kongo. As part of the Tachibana Institute's black ops team, she is trained in ninjutsu.


Kaede has a large body with a large round face, particularly with her chin. She has short purple hair with black eyes and rosy cheeks. She wears the same shozoku-like pilot suit as her teammates, but her pilot suit is colored orange and has parachute pants. She also sometimes wears a headband with a maple emblem in the center of it.


Compared to her teammates, Kaede is quite lively and happy go lucky. However, she can be tough when she needs to be, especially when the Getter or her friends are involved. She is stubborn, especially when it comes to missions. When it all comes downhill in desperate situations, Kaede is willing to put her life on the line to protect her friends and their future. One other notable character trait she has, is that she is scared of bugs.


While Kaede is not as intelligent as Akane Mizuki or Tsubaki Akiyama, she is very physically powerful and is highly skilled in Judo and Ninjutsu. She is very physically durable, able to pilot the Getter Machines with little kickback. Kaede's most powerful asset however is her indomitable will, refusing to back down from a situation even if her life is put in danger.