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Jikyo Type 70 (自強70型) is a Chinese giant robot built by the Republic of China's military in response to when Prof. Lando rose up and threatened to conquer Earth. China joined the world nations with the Jikyo to form the Allied Robot Corps. They had a few cameo appearance in Getter Robo Armageddon as the Super Robots from the Moon Wars and part of Hayato's new personal Super Robot Army when using the Tower.


Jikyo Type 70 was built to have the look of a Chinese warrior of the late Imperial eras. The head has a pointed helm-like scalp for headbutting, and a grilled mouth guard. Its body is bulky with much padding on the chest, shoulders, and lower body.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Jikyo has built-in turrets around the torso for long range attacks. When the enemy gets too close, Jikyo uses its massive dao blade to cleave foes apart.


  • "自強" means "to strive for self-improvement" in Chinese.