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Jack King
70s Jack King.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Jack King
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Dr. King
Voice Actor(s) Makio Inoue
Status Alive

Jack King is an American pilot controlling the main body of the Texas Mack. He is also the older brother of Mary King.

Appearance and Personality[]

Jack is dressed like a stereotypical cowboy including a tan ten gallon hat, white gloves, and a brown gun holster. He has brown hair with bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, a cleft chin, and a distinctly shaped nose. He wears a light brown shirt with a poncho like pad on top and a yellow scarf. Jack is a cocky young man confident in the Texas Mack, bragging the small victories he can achieve despite how it happens. However, after a close encounter with a Mechasaurus, Jack grew to respect the Getter Team and the Getter Robo.


Jack is a decent pilot able to control the Texas Mack and overpower two of the three forms of the Getter Robo.