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Vital statistics
Title Igari
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Mitsuo Iwata (arc anime)
Status Alive

Igari 伊賀利 is a minor supporting character in the manga Shin Getter Robo. He replaced Benkei as the lead pilot of Shin Getter-3 until his disappearance. 25 years later, he makes a small appearance in Getter Robo Arc as the chief of the D2 Squadron.[1] His role is set to be expanded in Arc's anime adaptation.


Misa was a large well built young man. He had a short buzzcut style haircut. 25 years later, he retains his build but has grown a mustache and wears a green cap. In the manga, he also wears sunglasses, but this appears to be absent in the anime.


Ikari was polite and friendly, he treated his co-pilots with a lot of respect. He would often panic under pressure but kept a cool head. 25 years later, he appears considerably rougher, admonishing the D2 Squadron for their bickering, but is ultimately still a caring man and respected by the Getter Team.


After Benkei was injured, Misa piloted Shin Getter-3 in his place, eventually becoming its full-time pilot following his predecessor was assimilated by the evolving Getter Dragon. It was assumed that he was absorbed by Getter Rays alongside the rest of the Saotome Institute's staff following Shin Getter Robo's overload, but 25 years later he re-appeared as the leader of the D2 Squadron.


Igari's name can be read as Ikari 錨 (いかり) the Japanese for anchor, referring to the Getter 3 formations of Getter robots being water based.